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Governor Brown Signs New Employment Bills into Law


California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law two bills that affect California employers.

A.B. 2751 strengthens an old law, which made it unlawful for an employer to engage in an “unfair immigration-related practice” or otherwise retaliate against a person for engaging in protected conduct (please see our last post in what constitutes “protected conduct”), including making a written or oral complaint about unpaid wages.

The new law clarifies that the civil penalties are payable to the employees who suffered the violation, and that employer cannot retaliate against employee for updating his/her personal information based on a lawful change of name, Social Security number, or federal employment authorization document. The new law also expands the definition of “unfair immigration-related practice” to include an employer’s threat to file a complain with the government against an employee who attempts to exercise a right protected under employment laws.

Also, another new law clarifies that rest or recovery periods to prevent heat illness count as compensable hours worked.

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