Wage Violation Red Flags


Last year was a record year for wage violations as there were 8,000 lawsuits regarding timekeeping, overtime, and meal breaks.

Some notable red flags to be aware of include:
• Same in/out times for almost every day.
• Same out/in time for meal periods every day. These are clear signs that there could noncompliance with meal periods.
• No out/in times for meal periods.
• Time punches are always at the exact time that the shift begins.
• Time punches for all or most employees are almost the same exact time. An example of this is when one employee is punching in all employees.
• Automatic meal period deductions. Many companies settle this type of litigation because it is hard for employers to prove that employees ate lunch.
• Clocking in early or late. Be sure that rules treat employees equitably.
• Rounding. Make sure you are not always rounding down.
• An employee is paid for fewer hours than shown on his or her time records.
• The overtime pay rate is 1.5 times the employee’s hourly rate, but the pay stub shows the employee was paid a shift differential or bonus.

It is important to be mindful of these employment practices to prevent costly noncompliance lawsuits.

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