California Paycheck Deductions: What is Allowed? Part III


What other items cannot be deducted from California paychecks?

Tools and equipment. The employer must either provide or reimburse the employee for items the employee must purchase to do the job, such as a vehicle, smartphone, hand tools, or uniform.

Bonding and licensing – If an employee must be bonded or licensed to work for the employer, the employer must pay that cost. Similarly, if the employer requires employees to submit fingerprints, a photograph, or other identifying information, it must pay the cost of those items as well. An employee who is required to take a medical exam as a condition of employment is entitled to reimbursement for that cost, too.

Tips – In California, tips belong to the employee. Employers may not take a “tip credit” by paying tipped employers a lower minimum wage and counting tips towards its own wage obligations. Tip pooling or sharing is allowed, but the employer (and its managers) may not take any part of the tip pool.

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